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MicFic in MeatSpace Volume > II

by on January 17, 2011

As is becoming traditional, we MicFiccers had a meet and greet and eat at the end of Volume II and, amongst other things, did our Theme thing.
Here’s what we done did.


  • Inevitable doom
  • Realism
  • Revelation of deceit


  • Routine
  • Twisty
  • Reworking Genre

Elemental Systems

  • Internal Perspective
  • Autobiographical
  • Self-discovery


  • Abstract interpretation
  • Detail
  • Levels of awareness


  • Voice
  • Fantastic
  • Unlikely loyalties


  • Narrative
  • Historicity
  • Secret motive


  • Reinterpreting myth
  • Vulnerability
  • Hopeful resignation

Bonus material: view Volume I’s themes side-by-side with these for extra crunchiness. πŸ™‚


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  1. And, for comparison, here’s a list of author themes for the first volume πŸ˜€

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