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Got It Covered?

by on March 28, 2011

Bueller? Anyone?

Anyone else want to stick up a cover?
Or should we pick one of mine to go with?
Votes, please!


From → Covers, Print, Volume II

  1. cbraz permalink

    My favourites are Sketch of an idea, Red it (the one with the black images) and Last One in order.

  2. Just to be difficult, I like “Keep calm and carry on” and “Last one” the best, pretty much equally, although I’ll take the second one on “Red it” (with the black silhouettes) for a third option. I love the idea of the silhouettes, but in practice they feel a bit cluttered to me. I am, of course, completely recanting my earlier support. Sorry. My brain apparently does that.

  3. nantalith permalink

    I like ‘Red it’ with the black.

  4. Right. It seems it’s just me, then.
    So… lonely…

    Red It with black? (big version)
    I shall make?
    I shall take photos?
    All those opposed speak now or forever hold your peas (minty!).

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